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Pregnancy Friend App
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Pregnancy app for baby, weekly info, yoga, meditation, health, food,name, kick.. - Apk Pregnancy Friend App safely for free!

A little about the app Pregnancy Friend App


From the team of Pregnancy Kit App we pray from the bottom of our heart that you and your baby have a great life and that you both remain healthy always.

For providing you assistance, knowledge and help, these are a few amazing features we try to provide through this application.

You must give your name and the date of conceived or last period date to create your profile. You can also use the in-built lock code system.

My baby provides the status of your baby's growth and what you and your baby might be feeling in that particular week.

The Yoga section is an important one. It tells about the different yogic practices helpful during these months of pregnancy for your baby's growth and your better physical and mental health.

Emergency numbers can be added in the app to contact with your doctor or partner or friends and family in the time of emergency. You can also use the in-built widget for this feature and access it directly from home screen.

Kick counter:
The one of the main part of the pregnancy is to count your baby's kick. It's an amazing feeling that any mother could have. It's also let the mom knows how's the baby doing inside her. So to help the all moms we have integrated kick counter in our app.

Name suggestion:
Confused what to name your baby? Do not worry our app got your back. Try our newly integrated feature name suggestion. Which helps you to choose the name of your new born or upcoming baby.

Finally the most important feature provided by us, which is Quick Help.

This is a voice configured question and answer intelligence system. Here you can ask the app through voice anything related to pregnancy or anything you might be feeling, and the intelligence system will search our database and provide you clear answers through text and voice.

Our App is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French and Russian and its Free.

We hope that you enjoy this beautiful journey of enlightenment with your amazing baby.
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Pregnancy Friend App
Pregnancy Friend App