Qibla Direction - Prayer times
Qibla Direction - Prayer times
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Screenshots - Qibla Direction - Prayer times Screenshots - Qibla Direction - Prayer times Screenshots - Qibla Direction - Prayer times Screenshots - Qibla Direction - Prayer times Screenshots - Qibla Direction - Prayer times

Free apk Qibla Direction - Prayer times download

Get Qibla direction and Prayer times and more anywhere & Qibla compass for namaz - Apk Qibla Direction - Prayer times safely for free!

A little about the app Qibla Direction - Prayer times

Looking for an app to find Qibla (kiblah direction) now?
The best Qibla compass for namaz is an amazing app to find direction of Qibla anywhere. It will just find the right direction of qibla for you and give you accurate prayer times as well. It has multiple feature which will be helpful for everyone as an Muslim.
Qibla direction is the most accurate in all means. You can quickly find qibla now and find directions as well while having another features of prayer times and mosque location and more. Lets have a look at all its features:

Qibla direction (القبلہ ) :

This app is basically designed to find the accurate and exact Qibla direction.This app has an Qibla compass for namaz inside with needle which direct you towards real Qibla direction.This Qibla compass with Qibla direction app will work as qibla finder for you.
To use this app as Qibla finder you just have launch the app and tap on Qibla finder then it will find accurate Qibla direction for you. You can say this app is most easy to use Qibla compass for namaz app as well.

How to Find Qibla direction using Qibla compass app
- Firstly launch Qibla direction app
- You will many features of Qibla compass in front of you.
- Tap on Qibla direction button
- Now it will show you the right qibla direction using its qibla compass for namaz.
- Please do insure that there is no magnetic surface near your smartphone otherwise it will show you the wrong Qibla direction.

Prayer times:

Qibla app has another best feature for Muslims which is prayer times. Yes! the right and most accurate prayer times for Muslims around the globe. Get the app on your phone now to be blessed with greetings of almighty in holy month of Ramadan. Qibla direction is the best Islamic finder app for everyone and also helpful in correct Ramadan timings.

6 kalma and Ayat-ul-Kursi
In our recent update we added new features of 6 kalma and ayatul kursi in our Qibla direction app. It is just incredible for every Muslim to use this Qibla direction app on your smartphone and have all important Islamic features like six kalma and ayatul kursi etc. You can quickly recite ayatul kursi and six kalmas using your smartphone with this best qibla compass namaz.


Qibla direction: Qibla direction app will find exact qibla direction for every Muslim. It is just another incredible Qibla finder app for everyone.
Compass app: It can be used as an compass app as well to find directions of everywhere with qibla app.
Prayer times: You can be aware with exact prayer times and accurate.
Easy to use : Qibla compass direction app is easy to use with all its features.

Qibla direction - Prayer times is the
best Islamic finder app for every muslim. Try the app for the features of qibla direction,prayer times and more and leave your feedback by rating our app. Your feedback is important for further changes and improvements if necessary.
What's new in Qibla Direction - Prayer times?
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
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Qibla Direction - Prayer times
Qibla Direction - Prayer times