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Room Planner
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Plan organize and arrange space, room floor, furniture, cargo, truck load,etc. - Apk Room Planner safely for free!

A little about the app Room Planner

Adjust virtual room to the dimensions of actual space you want to arrange and you are ready to fill the floor with your stuff e.g. furniture, chairs, sofa ,tv set, table ,cupboard etc. You can RESIZE elements simply by swiping or writing exact dimension in INCHES or CENTIMETERS.
Than you can MOVE the elements freely around the room to plan the arrangement of furniture on your floor or shipment in truck load space. Make shapes ROUNDER gradually and TURN furniture 90 deegrees on button tap.
You can also turn elements on ANY ANGLE by swiping. It is most useful if you are planning to rearange your home or moving to a new house.
New added items have a default size of europalets so beside room planning it's a great tool to organize road transport and managing truck / bus loading space.
What's new in Room Planner?
-New Modern Design
-Help button
-Some bugs fixed
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Room Planner
Room Planner