Scoutify 2
Scoutify 2
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Scoutify: Track Amazon Profits - Apk Scoutify 2 safely for free!

A little about the app Scoutify 2

Greetings, Amazon Seller. Scoutify 2 is here to provide even more of the information you need to make informed buying decisions right at your fingertips! Inside you’ll find all the features that made the original Scoutify an indispensable tool but with added features that will make you smile wide.
Requires InventoryLab subscription.

What’s new in Scoutify 2:

* See Restricted status BEFORE you buy.
* Ideal Buy feature flags items that meet YOUR criteria for sales performance and ROI.
* View your InventoryLab Sales and Purchase history for an item from within the mobile app.
* Store all of your Buy Lists in history for easy retrieval.
* Import your Buy Lists into Stratify with a wider set of information including Expiration Date, Condition and Tax Rate.
* Fresh, intuitive interface is designed with Scouters in mind. That’s you!
What's new in Scoutify 2?
- Profit calculations and Buy Box logic are now more consistent with List, in Stratify

- The menu bar on an iPad is not blocking the Scoutify options any longer

- The Increase Font Size setting does not reset to OFF any longer

- Passwords can now contain a dash (-)

- When an item has a negative profit, the value will now show as N/A
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Scoutify 2
Scoutify 2