Sesame - Account Manager
Sesame - Account Manager
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Simplified and secured management of user accounts - Apk Sesame - Account Manager safely for free!

A little about the app Sesame - Account Manager

Sesame is an IT resources management tool that allows you to go beyond the physical limits of your office's space by making most used helpdesk services accessible from your phone.

This application aims to provide an efficient solution for some of the most common IT management issues such as locked accounts, forgotten passwords, etc...

Sesame allows you to:
* Unlock your Windows Active Directory account
* Change your account's password directly from the app
* Gain temporary extended rights on your workstation if you're a pre-selected user

NOTICE: This application can only be used through an account provided by your employer.

Apply the benefits of the services provided by Sesame to your company's accounts by signing up here:

End-user License Agreement :

Confidentiality Policy :
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Sesame - Account Manager
Sesame - Account Manager