Shoot and Scoot
Shoot and Scoot
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Free JAAM Studios Posted in: 2021-01-31
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Shoot Your Opponent Then Scoot From Their Bullets! Retro Style Multilayer Game - Apk Shoot and Scoot safely for free!

A little about the app Shoot and Scoot

From the Geek who made Highway Squash, Numberwang and your minds hurt from my boringness... comes Shoot and Scoot.
Shoot your friends, family or enemies down, or just sit there and get killed. Besides I can't tell you what to do, so actually just do whatever you like. (Just don't harm anyone else or yourself in the process!)

Choose your colour ship cos why not?! (and yes I am British and yes that is the right spelling! Pfft Americans, Jk love you America!)

I will not be held responsible for any damage to your relationship with your friends family, enemies, or device as a result of playing this game.

If you like this app there isn't much you can do part from spread the word and possibly get some of my other apps...

Enjoy :-)
What's new in Shoot and Scoot?
Thank you everyone for your feedback, it's really appreciated :-)
Here's what changed since last time
oooh the suspense!
*Added a new control scheme to make it easier to play
*Fixed death screen, not really being seen if you take your finger off the screen.
*Put background on the colour selected, so that it is clear what colour you picked.
*Added a room animation
*I just like adding stars so I wrote this for it
*and another
*now this is just spam
*enjoy the update
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Shoot and Scoot
Shoot and Scoot