SL4A Script Launcher
SL4A Script Launcher
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Use TaskBomb and this add-on to script your Android device with SL4A. - Apk SL4A Script Launcher safely for free!

A little about the app SL4A Script Launcher

This add-on adds SL4A scripting functionality to the TaskBomb task scheduler app.

Important: You need to install SL4A separately from their site:

SL4A is a very useful scripting environment for Android that lets you use scripts written in Python, Perl, Ruby, Lua, Java (BeanShell), JavaScript (Rhino) and other languages. Combined with TaskBomb's powerful scheduling system you can simply set these scripts to run at a given time or add them to more complex routines.

Also requires the TaskBomb app, available free in the Android Market:

See the website for tons of info, help, and tutorials:

TaskBomb is an automation app (sometimes called "task scheduler", "job scheduler", "batch processor", etc.) that allows you to schedule apps and actions to automatically run. It's similar in function to the cron command on Linux and somewhat like an alarm clock (you can set alarms and snooze actions). TaskBomb aims to be small and simple, and leverage the power of the apps you have on your phone.

One of TaskBomb's greatest assets is its unique and flexible scheduling system that allows you to create modular, reusable schedules that can be run at any time, attached to alarms, or added to other schedules.

This add-on is basically a little app, but you don't run the app itself. Once installed, go into TaskBomb and you'll find "Select script" as an option in the "Data" field when you define a task.

This app uses the internet permission in order to show ads through third party ad networks such as AdMob and MoPub. These are disabled if you purchase the Taskbomb Premium Unlocker, which can be found at
What's new in SL4A Script Launcher?
Improved file navigation on devices with different sdcard/extStorage mount points.
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SL4A Script Launcher
SL4A Script Launcher