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Free apk SlidePyramid download

Sliding color triangles over pyramid surface match colors on the SlidePyramid. - Apk SlidePyramid safely for free!

A little about the app SlidePyramid

How to play:
- Choose "New game" in menu. Small color triangles on the pyramid will start to be permuted.
- Moving triangle and direction are defined by two taps: tap on chosen triangle, and next tap to the place you want to move. Notice that entire band surrounding pyramid is moving (that is something similar to Rubik's Pyramid).
- Rotation of entire pyramid is performed by touching screen in any place with subsequent moving gesture.
- Final goal is to match colors on all sides of the pyramid.

- You can change size of the pyramid choosing "Pyramid Size" in menu.
- Sliding speed is changed in "Properties"-->"Moving Speed" item of menu.
- in "Properties" menu you can also change sliding style. "Classic style" wraps triangle on the other side, "Transformer style" rotates entire triangle at the moment of moving to the other side.

Creation of this puzzle was inspired by SlideCube game I made last year. Idea of using another shape looked really attractive. Unlike SlideCube used cube shape and small squares sliding over its surface, SlidePyramid is using triangle pyramid shape with triangles sliding over the pyramid surface.
Compared to cube shape there are several differences in sliding bands over the pyramid surface.
First surprising fact is that folding straight band of paper over the pyramid surface does not follow intuitively expected direction. It folds itself in the direction that is parallel to one of the pyramide edges. So sliding is realized to be parallel of edges of SlidePyramid. It is really different from rotation of Rubik's Pyramid layers - rotation parallel to faces of pyramid.
Second fact is that you can to slide one small triangle to the position of another triangle that have the same orientation only.
So, minimal move distance is the length of small triangle edge.
These laws look more sophisticated than SlideCube, and hence more attractive ! :-)
What's new in SlidePyramid?
-------- ver. 1.05 --------
1. Minor corrections
-------- ver. 1.04 --------
1. "Back" and "Forward" button added (memorizes last 100 moves)
2. Number of moves indicated
3. Popup window indicates matching success informing number of moves spent for matching cube
4. Help window added at the start of application
5. Maximal speed increased
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