Smart TV Remote Control
Smart TV Remote Control
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Free Lean Remote Posted in: 2020-11-16
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Free apk Smart TV Remote Control download

Lean Remote Presents Smart Tv Remote Control For Prestigious users. - Apk Smart TV Remote Control safely for free!

A little about the app Smart TV Remote Control

Smart TV Remote Control by LEAN Remote is made with care for our users to control their Smart TV’s and Smart Devices. Some of the Remotes that are available in Smart TV Remote are:

 Android TV Remote Control
 Roku TV Remote Control
 Toshiba TV Remote Control
 Sharp TV Remote Control
 Hisense Smart TV Remote
 Vizio Smart TV Remote
 Philips Smart TV Remote
 LG Smart TV Remote
 Samsung Smart TV Remote
 Sony Smart TV Remote
 Insignia Smart TV Remote
 Element Smart TV Remote
 Grindig Smart TV Remote
 HiSense Smart TV Remote
 Hitachi Smart TV Remote
And many more included.

This Smart Remote is plug and play and does not require any special configurations, your Phone and Smart TV / Smart Devices must be connected to the same WiFi Network.


 Channel Up/Down
 Volume Up/Down
 Media Controls i.e Play/Pause/Fast Forward/Fast Rewind/Stop
 Easy Thumb approached Radial Navigation i.e Up/Down/Left/Right
 Home
 Input
 Mute
 Power Control
 Media Sharing


 Your Android TV Remote Eaten by your Pets because they were hungry, don’t worry this Smart TV Remote Control will always be in your pocket to help you
 You Samsung Smart Remote was getting dirty and you thought to put it in washing machine, don’t worry, peel Smart Remote to check our Smart TV List and start using our Samsung Smart TV Remote.
 Your Siblings are Fighting over Smart Remote, Lean Smart Remote is here for you.
 Batteries drained problems, Lean Remote is here to help.


Please note that we are not official representatives of any of the brand entity mentioned above, we have just gathered the data and presented in a better form in one package

Reach Us:

If your Smart TV is not getting connected with our Smart TV Remote then contact us at, we will be very much happy to assist you and get your Smart TV connected to Leam Smart TV Remote.
What's new in Smart TV Remote Control?
> All Smart tv remotes in one package
> If your Smart TV Remote is not connecting with your Smart TV then contact us and we will be happy to assist
> Smart TV and your Phone must be on the same WiFi Network
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Smart TV Remote Control
Smart TV Remote Control