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Solomon - Single File/Banked & IP sweep spirit box app - Apk Solomon safely for free!

A little about the app Solomon

Theory behind Solomon by Matt Benton.
The SOLOMON application's soul purpose is to prove that intelligent audio manipulation exists by cross checking using it's single file audio the Lord's Prayer Backwards and Forwards. If you capture something that is not in that audio file then you just proved that there was a paranormal event that took place. I also wanted this app to be the creepiest app out there. After years of ITC research I couldn't find any creepy ITC apps so I decided to make my own with Matt Payne. I think we succeeded. We are also doing a big social experiment with this app involving it's creep factor. On top of that Matt Payne gave the app a word bank that is completely random in it's sweep rate and volume and gave it some more creep factor to the bank. Then the last feature is it's typical IP Sweep but also with a random sweep rate and volume. I believe this app can help prove audio manipulation if all ITC researched try the experiment with the Single File Audio. I strongly encourage it so we can help the paranormal field in a big way. Also use the #SolomonApp on social media so we can all check out everyone's captures.

Single file audio bank is a single Mp3 file (lords prayer reversed/forward) as the file never changes from session to session this is ideal to confirm audio manipulation as a valid form of ITC communication.
Single audio bank download to allow users to cross check session with original audio:

Bank sweep feature will sweep between 4 reversed single file audio banks at random speed (500ms - 1000ms) hitting each bank at a random volume. All banks were created by reversing speech/sound segments then randomised to create 4 single file banks.

IP sweep scans through 5 live shoutcast stations at random sweep rate (200ms - 1200ms) & volume.

Frequency tones & their meaning in Solomon.
7.83hz Schumann Resonance - The earth itself vibrates as a resonance of 7.83Hz and better known as the Schumann Resonance.
18.98hz Ghost frequency - The ghost frequency can cause uneasy feeling with reports of people getting discomfort, dizziness, blurred vision seeing shadow figures in their peripheral vision as 18.98hz is in the range of the human eyeballs.
528hz Solfeggio frequency - many believe this to be a miracle healing frequency for Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair).
852hz Solfeggio frequency - awakening intuition, returning to spiritual order.
4 x static noise.

To turn off the static screen in the app long press the banks button.

Please follow the instructions below to avoid IP connections issues.
Please note a good WiFi or network connection is required for IP sweep feature.
For faster IP buffering clear background applications & notifications before running IP sweep, always run IP sweep feature before starting banks or single file to minimise buffering time.
This app is developed for phones & certain tablets may cause UI alignment issues.

For best results always record your sessions on an external device, review your recording listening for intelligent replies to questions asked.

This is a collaboration app between Matt Payne/Matt Benton/Justin Brown & Rahkee.

Paranormal Shadow Investigations - Matt Payne
YouTube: Paranormal Shadows -

Devil's Hour Productions/Paranormal Research Unit - Matt Benton
YouTube: Devil's Hour Productions -
Paraseeker merch:

Interface Death - Justin Brown
YouTube: Necromancer -


App developed on from base code supplied from Unity Project by Appydroid.
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