Still Around You - S.A.Y.
Still Around You - S.A.Y.
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Free Axis Mobile Solutions Pvt Ltd Posted in: 2021-01-05
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An app that keeps you connected with your loved ones even after you’re gone. - Apk Still Around You - S.A.Y. safely for free!

A little about the app Still Around You - S.A.Y.

When it comes to choosing between doing a task that's IMPORTANT AND URGENT or IMPORTANT BUT NOT URGENT, people obviously prioritize on attending to the former. Preparation for death most definitely falls into the category of "IMPORTANT BUT NOT URGENT" and hence is always deferred, or worse, neglected.

Preparation for death can broadly be can be categorized into sorting of Financial Information and Sentimental Information.

Financial information varies from details about your bank accounts, investments, insurance policies, loans advanced, etc.

Sentimental information could mean your feelings, emotions, sentiments, thoughts, opinions on and about personal matters, agreements/disagreements with people, confessions, secrets, gratitude, apologies, etc.

There is so much of information (financial and sentimental) we carry with us, some of which is known to others and a lot still untold/unsaid/unexpressed. These are things which people want to tell others but leave it to be told at a later time for a lot of possible reasons. Some feel it's not the need of the hour, some feel there's a lot of time, some can't gather the courage while some wait for the right opportunity/time. But what if you never got that opportunity? That's the uncertainty about death. It is something one expects to come at some point, but doesn't anticipate its timing.

The most common thought people have about death is associating it with a number: 70, 75 or 80. Basically, people take life for granted. In their mind they grant themselves a lot of time and a long life. But that's the thing about death - sudden, uncertain, unexpected and permanent. And with the death of a person goes away all the information. Our aim through the Still Around You (S.A.Y.) app is to get people to store that information and then get it delivered to the concerned people in the event of a user's death.

Theoretically, the best thing to do would be to make sure to pass on all the important information to the necessary people at the current moment. Practically, it doesn't happen. What's required is a template. Something that's ready and built perfectly to serve this purpose and this app service is exactly that.

In today's fast paced world, the farthest that people plan for is the next day. Maybe even for the day after. But not beyond that. Everyone is so busy in and with everything that they're doing and when they're actually free, their smart phones take over. It's a habit. A habit of doing something constantly even when you have nothing to do. To enter your information (financial and sentimental) in an application on your phone seems an easier task than to actually share the same information with people in person. The smart and suggestive application is a helping hand with templates ready for you to just get typing. It makes the entire process simpler than in real life. One can use the application at any given point to store information. It's quick and convenient.
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Still Around You - S.A.Y.
Still Around You - S.A.Y.