Talking Parrot 2
Talking Parrot 2
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Free apk Talking Parrot 2 download

Top talking parrot with fun games. Listens & talks back. Dance & Singing parrot! - Apk Talking Parrot 2 safely for free!

A little about the app Talking Parrot 2

Talking parrot 2 is the only talking parrot app that allows you to talk to a talking pet and play games with parrots for entertainment and fun. It is a very funny and interesting app containing fun features and top games.

Install the best talking parrot ever now. The app contains, singing parrots and dancing parrots and an amazing talking gorilla and talking chimpanzee friend who listens to you and chats with you using the best speech recognition feature. As a real talking funny parrot he can listen to everything you say and repeat in a funny voice. Ask him any question you like and he will reply in voice and text by listening to you and talking back.

Top features of Talking Parrot 2:
- Talking parrot 2 is very intelligent and can serve as a virtual assistant so just ask him anything and chat using speech recognition.
- Play football with him, sing and dance with him, feed him with bird food and sandwich and take care of him
- Poke him to dance hip hp dances, samba, break dance, salsa and more. He was very amazing dancing skills
- Tap the football to play soccer and other sports with this real talking parrot
- Interact with the second parrot to bring out other animals like real talking parrot and talking cat from the trees
- Feed talking parrot with banana so he doesn't starve from hunger. Also feed him so he doesn't get hungry and tap the bed to make him sleep
- Play skating parrot run games with him where you skate to free animals in captive in the animal kingdom
- Take on the role of jumping parrot in an adventure game of jumping on platforms to save other animals like parrots, dogs and cats.
This is a very interesting app with parrot run games, skating games and jumping games. Be entertained with the award winning pet simulator game for android. Loved talking monkey? Loved talking pet, this is very fun to play. Enjoyed Them, Ted and miss talking angel? This parrot game is much better than a dog or a monkey and any other talking boy or talking girl. Wanna name him Thommy or any funny name? Go ahead, he is Joe but you can give him a good name and your friends and family can adopt and play with him or your talking baby boy. with rabbits.

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What's new in Talking Parrot 2?
- New fun games
- Talks and listen back with funny gestures
-Bug fixes
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Talking Parrot 2
Talking Parrot 2