TCL Roku TV Remote
TCL Roku TV Remote
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Screenshots - TCL Roku TV Remote Screenshots - TCL Roku TV Remote Screenshots - TCL Roku TV Remote Screenshots - TCL Roku TV Remote Screenshots - TCL Roku TV Remote Screenshots - TCL Roku TV Remote

Free apk TCL Roku TV Remote download

This TCL Roku TV Remote will control your TV via IR and Wi-Fi Connectivity. - Apk TCL Roku TV Remote safely for free!

A little about the app TCL Roku TV Remote

TCL Roku TV Remote will always be in your pocket with you, where ever you go, imagine if you were going to a friend’s home for a Movie and your friend broke his remote.

This Remote for TCL Roku will help you get connected with your TCL Roku TV or Roku Media Players. The best part of this remote is the multifunctionality.


- TCL Roku TV Remote supports Both Infrared Control and Wi-Fi Control as well.
- Both IR and Wi-Fi connectivity can be used depending upon user choice.
- To Connect Using Wi-Fi, your Roku TV / Roku Device must be on the same network as your Android Phone.
- This Remote Control also contains Screen Mirroring Option.

Varity of Models:

- There are 20 IR Remotes available in this Roku TV Remote.
- Try to Confirm All Buttons once you confirm the Working Remote

How Does Roku Remote for Wi-Fi Work?

- Once your Phone and Your Roku TV / Roku Device are connected to the Wi-Fi Network then Select Roku Wi-Fi from the Main Menu
- Wait for Search till Your Roku TV Appears in the List.
- Select Your Roku and Remote will appear.
- Enjoy and start using it.

How Does TCL Roku Remote for IR Work?

- Once you Tap on TCL Roku Remote from the Main Menu.
- Remote will open, Press Power Button and wait for TV to respond.
- If your TV responds then Select “Yes” and start using remote and enjoy.
- If your TV does not responds then Select “No” and Try next Remote.

How Does Screen Mirroring Work?

- Your Android Phone and Android TV must be on the same network.
- Once you Tap on Screen Mirroring, Select your Android TV from the List.
- Start viewing your Mobile Screen on Android TV.


- This is not Official Remote Control of any Brand mentioned.


- Channels Display on Device
- Power ON/OFF
- Volume Up/Down
- Channel Up/Down
- Navigation Controls
- Media Player
- Keyboard
- Settings
- Saved Paired Devices

Elegant Design:

- The Elegant Design of this remote and easy thumb approach to the Navigations make the functionality so easy that always want TCL Roku TV Remote to be in your Pocket

Use as an Alternate:

- When your TCL Roku Remote is eaten by Pets start using this Remote Control.
- When your Remote Batteries are drained then start using TCL Roku TV Remote.
- Siblings has Fight on Remote, you will have yours with you all the time.

Need Help with Connecting:

- You are not able to find your matched IR remote, check if your Phone Supports Infrared Blaster
- You are not able to connect with your Roku via Wi-Fi then make sure your phone and your Roku Device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
- Email us if you have any issue in connecting, reach us at
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TCL Roku TV Remote
TCL Roku TV Remote