The Wrestler: Road to the Rumble
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Choose your wrestler and join him in his journey to triumph in the Total Rumble.

2D platform game for cellphones.

The Wrestler: Road to the Rumble is a game with a pixel design inspired in wrestler from the Triple W (White Wolf Wrestling: shows wrestling Madrid - Spain). In this game, you can choose your wrestler
to travel through his unique and personalized Storylines in which you will have to face off against different enemies until you reach the main event.
Once you reach Total Rumble you must defeat the final enemy and crown yourself as Champion of the Rumble.

Enter and share the Storyline of your wrestler from the Triple W, bettering other wrestler and advancing step by step till you reach the highest point
of Wrestling.

-Easy controls
-Storyline mode: Choosing of wrestlers with different stories and unique attacks.
-Unlockingof new wrestlers.
-A variety of enemies and chiefs with different attacks and levels of difficulty.
-A combination of 2D and 3D pixels.

-New wrestlers from the Storyline mode.
-Rumble Mode: Choose the wrestler with whom you´ve completed the Storyline mode and defeat the final chiefs that will appear every 30 seconds.
-Survivor Mode: Defeat waves of enemies.


Triple W (White Wolf Wrestling):
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Storyline - Wrestler Morgan 10 Levels

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Updated in 2021-07-31
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Content Rating Teen
Crude Humor
Offered By AyaR Dreams
The Wrestler: Road to the Rumble
AyaR Dreams
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The Wrestler: Road to the Rumble
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