TON Surf: Blockchain Communicator
TON Surf: Blockchain Communicator
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Free Wallet Solutions Ltd. Posted in: 2021-02-14
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Free apk TON Surf: Blockchain Communicator download

Free TON Browser, Wallet and Chat - Apk TON Surf: Blockchain Communicator safely for free!

A little about the app TON Surf: Blockchain Communicator

A free, private and easy blockchain interface for smart people. Wallet for storage. Chat for action.

− Easy start, simple usage
− Only you control your confidential data
− As secure as your bank account, but without any personal information
− Stay in touch with your friends, fam­ily and the whole world

Clean and clear interface without superfluous bells and whistles. All you need and nothing more: your token accounts, balances, transaction statistics and services available on the TON blockchain.

Send messages or tokens in the chat directly to achieve your goals here and now. And do not worry: secure chat is based on TON blockchain technology, so it is protected from unauthorized access as much as possible.

Comission-free and fast transactions anywhere in the world:

Toll-free. Only a small transparent fee for transaction processing by the TON blockchain is paid, and it does not depend on transaction amount.

Confidential. Transaction comments can be encrypted with the most advanced methods available and stored in the TON blockchain.

Instant. Send and receive transactions easily, at any time and without delay. No more waiting times, unless your addressee is on Mars.

Less talk, more communication through secure chats:

Secure. Through our cutting-edge end-to-end encryption method based on an open-source protocol your activities will get the best protection currently available.

Private. Due to encryption based on TON blockchain private keys, no one, not even us, will be able to intercept and read your messages.

Convenient. Store all your conversations, tokens, accounts and transactions in one place, basically on one screen, without leaving the chat.

Genuine 360-degree security under your control only:

Cryptography. Your secret cryptographic key created with the help of the TON blockchain never leaves your device and is used to sign your messages.

Anonymity. We maintain data sovereignty as a principle: no trackers, no surveillance, no personal data collection and action recording.

Biometrics. Enable biometric authentication to make sure only you have access to your Surf.

Try Surf – simple and secure TON blockchain communicator, made with your goals in mind.
What's new in TON Surf: Blockchain Communicator?
Surf 4.2.1 is here! What’s new?
• Released the Accounts Subscription.
• Removed the Telegram connection to increase the privacy of your account (no more telephone numbers).
• Implemented a new mechanism of Friends invitation via the direct link, so as you did not send any personal data to those you invite.
• Implemented automatic encryption of messages. Now all comments are encrypted by default.
• Fixed a bug with displaying incorrect balance during nets switching.
• Updated translations.
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TON Surf: Blockchain Communicator
TON Surf: Blockchain Communicator