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A "small" log program, especially but not only for the SBW, GMA/SOTA..... - Apk UDXLog safely for free!

A little about the app UDXLog

UDXLog is a "small" log program which was developed for the Saxon Mountain Contest, but it can be used just as well for GMA/SOTA and of course for many other log applications in Ham Radio.

Adaptations to GMA/SOTA are e.g.
- optimized reference input (for cell phones)
- automated upload to cqGMA.eu
- since version 3.0.0 you can send spots to GMA (thanks to the support of cqGMA!), but also to SOTA and to DXCluster, since version 6.0.0 also via SMS to GMA
- Determination of own location via GPS (optional)
- display of direction/distance to the reference, if its position is known

The logged data can be viewed, filtered and edited in the logview.

For the transfer of the log data UDXLog masters the ADIF export. Also the export as CSV (also in GMA format v2) is possible.

Furthermore, it is possible to perform a (regular) backup on Google Drive and/or FTP. Also a synchronization between 2 devices (e.g. cell phone and tablet) is possible (see also help).

With version 5.0.0 a GPS support has been added.

From version 6, if desired, the own position can be stored.
Also maps of the worked and activated references (also for SBW) can be created. See also the help(buttons).

Since the help may not be so optimal to read on a cell phone, it can also be viewed here: http://do2udx.darc.de/hilfe_de.html.
(unfortunately only in German at the moment)

Please also note the privacy policy (incl. terms of use):
http://do2udx.darc.de/datenschutz.htm (in German)

UDXLog needs the following rights from the system (Android) (the exact name may differ):

Access to (SD) memory: save settings (setup) and log data.

Prevent standby mode: Keep screen on (can be set in setup, see also help).

Internet access: the display of help, changelog, this explanation and the logfiles (LogView) is done in the internal webbrowser. UDXLog does not use internet access in the web browser. For the sync and backup function, access to Goggle Drive is required (access permission for Google Drive is requested separately!). Internet access is also required and used for this purpose. The same applies for the upload to cqGMA.eu (via Export -> ADIF_GMA)

Execute at startup: The function which controls the backup must be able to be started after the start of the device in order to be able to carry out then, if selected, at the adjusted time the backup.

GPS: Starting with version 5.0.0 GPS support is built in. Depending on the Android version this is requested immediately or via "Runtime Permission" if it is needed. The position is not stored, see privacy policy.

For questions, wishes, problems... just write an eMail to do2udx@gmail.com.

I'm working on the app in my spare time and I'm not a skilled programmer, so there can still be errors despite all tests.

ps: Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) :-)
What's new in UDXLog?
Version 8.1.0.

- if the date should be changed, it could come to a crash
- Check's whether the Station(s) were already worked on a reference were again fixed.
- Under specific conditions a too large file was loaded to GMA.
- Starting with Android 9 (SDK 28) there is no hint regarding the changes from Android 4.4. when selecting the log path and it is no longer possible to select an own path.
- Sometimes eMail could not be sent.

See changelog in the app (in German)
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