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A dedicated app for van drivers ensuring a hassle free commute to & from school. - Apk VanWalay Uncle safely for free!

A little about the app VanWalay Uncle

Van Walay Uncle – An application for van drivers who wish to offer parent’s with a hassle free commute experience. Through the driver app, you will be able to easily plan your route in advance avoiding any traffic disruptions, parents can monitor the expected time of arrival, mark attendance, stay aware of any leaves and smoothly manage your day to day errands.
It is a safer alternative for drivers as they won’t have to receive calls while driving. Moreover, with updates and notifications, drivers will be able to effectively notify parents on the go.
The Van Walay Uncle app is the need of time as traffic hazards are an imminent threat to the safety of your little ones. Calling your van driver to take updates can be life threatening as one distraction can result in major losses. Thereby, this app gives full autonomy to van drivers ensuring that the updates are timely generated to keep parents updated regarding expected arrivals, traffic disruptions and more.
• You can now send notifications to parents by simply tapping on the generate notification feature on the app screen. A single tap can get the job done.
• Be at ease and focus on driving. No more parents calling for updates. The app will keep them updated regarding your route, ETA and traffic situation.
• Plan your route smartly! Learn about leaves from parents beforehand so that you don’t waste your precious time going door to door for those who are on leave.
Be a Van Walay Uncle and earn extra cash by gaining the trust of your parents. We believe in making commute to and from school convenient and rewarding.
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VanWalay Uncle
VanWalay Uncle