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VMod Voice Changer
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Free apk VMod Voice Changer download

Can make you sound like male, female, or some kind of horror movie character - Apk VMod Voice Changer safely for free!

A little about the app VMod Voice Changer

Change your voice to make it sound funny and share with friends.

This app is an audio tool with various effects.
Record your voice or some sound, apply cool sound effects, and share the result with your friends.

Changing the pitch can make you sound like male or female. By mixing in other effects, you can create voices that sound like a ghost, alien, robot, cyborg, or mutant from horror or sci-fi movies.

By changing the pitch, you can sound like you've inhaled helium from a balloon.

Available sound effects:
- Pitch shifting
- Reverb for simulating the reverberation of sounds inside a room with the possibility to specify room size or how reflective the wall surface should be
- Delay for producing echos
- Phaser which can make you sound like well robot from sci-fi movie
- Distortion
- 6 Band Equalizer

This app can also be used as a quick & simple voice recorder (dictation machine) when you disable all sound effects. You can then click on share button to export your recording in ogg/vorbis file format.

1. Tap the button with the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen and say something into the mic
2. Play with the check boxes and sliders to apply some cool effects
3. Tap the play button to hear the result
4. Tap share button to share the result in optimized ogg format with friends
What's new in VMod Voice Changer?
Added new sound effects
Enabled sharing of generated audio files
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5.0 and up
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VMod Voice Changer
VMod Voice Changer