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Free Volley Media LLC Posted in: 2021-01-04
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A little about the app Volley

Capture a moment of a live or broadcast event with the tap of a button, and share your experience as a video within seconds. That's a Volley.

The Volley app lets you easily and instantly capture, edit, curate, and distribute custom moments from live events or from brands’ high-quality, brand-compliant, HD AV broadcasts.

Volley is all about revolutionizing the way we share live video.

With the Volley app, you can:

- Take a Volley - Capture a moment of a live event stream or video on demand (VOD) with the tap of a button. You get up to 60 seconds of video before you tapped the Volley button, and up to 10 seconds after.

- Edit - You can extend or trim the video's length or add a #hashtag and a comment before you share your Volley with your network. Or, you can jot down notes with your Volley video clip and save them for later.

- Share or Save - Share your Volley in seconds or save your Volley for later. A unique URL is generated for each Volley video clip, to ensure you can easily and quickly share or save it.

- Track - Once you've shared your Volley, see how many people have watched your Volley and how many people have share it on the Volley analytics dashboard in the app.

System requirements: iPhone 8+ or Android X+

Our vision is to empower broadcast viewers and event attendees to curate and Volley the moments that matter to them.
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