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Warp VR
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Free Warp Industries Posted in: 2021-02-14
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A little about the app Warp VR

Warp Industries offers VR Training solutions to create and manage immersive, high realistic scenarios for your employees. Think about safety & security training. Or retail, leadership or medical training courses. Even on-boarding or assessment can be done better through Virtual Reality.

Research has shown that learning with VR has an increase of 30% in remembering procedures. By using VR you are truly somewhere else. You are immersively trained without being distracted.

Use this app in combination with our online portal to create your own scenarios. Decide who can play these scenarios and get in-depth analytics about what they do.

Let us be the heart and mind of your training operation. Interested, contact us at hello@warp.industries
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Fix for LMS users.
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Warp VR
Warp VR