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Transform your phone or tablet into a Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer (2.4 + 5 GHz). - Apk WiPry safely for free!

A little about the app WiPry


Transform your phone or tablet into a Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer (2.4 & 5 GHz) with the WiPry 2500x. This ultra-portable tool is perfect for IT professionals and wireless network technicians.

On the hardware side, the WiPry 2500x is slightly larger than previous versions but still small enough to compare to a quarter. Highlights include:

- 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
- Scan & Troubleshoot WiFi
- Cross-platform support (works with any device)

On the software side, significant improvements have been made including:

- Play / Record (helps in capturing intermittent environmental issues)
- Enhanced Reporting Function (birth certificates track Wi-Fi health)
- SNR / SINR automatic calculation (speeds up site evaluation)
- Combined view for the real view and waterfall that gives you a history of the transmissions

One of the benefits of these software improvements is that there is no software subscription charge. Software is free of charge and available through the user's preferred platform.

Although demo mode is available for free with this download, an accessory must be purchased to fully enable the product. Don’t have the accessory? You can still take the app for a test drive. There are several demo wave forms (WiFi, DECT, and DSSS) that simulate signals. Check it out today!

The WiPry family of products has an impressive legacy with the following awards:

- Ranked #1 Value and #1 Most Innovative RF tool by Frost & Sullivan
- Won Ultimate Wireless Product for 2016 as recognized by EETimes & EDN
- 2015 R&D Award Finalist (one of the 100 most technologically advanced innovations)
- ECN Impact Finalists as one of the "best and most innovative in the design engineering world"

As a spectrum analyzer, WiPry 2500x allows you to scan & troubleshoot WiFi. View SSID’s and RSSI on your Android device. This spectrum analyzer gives you multiple visualization techniques to view the occupied spectrum. Waterfall mode allows you to look at the spectrum over time while the raw, decay, average, heat map, and other modes allow you to view the real-time spectrum. It is perfect for detecting open Wi-Fi channels and identifying unauthorized Wi-Fi access points.

Please visit us at www.oscium.com for more details.

Please note that customers with previous generations of our hardware (such as WiPry 5x) will be able to use this app on older Android devices.
What's new in WiPry?
Oscium is introducing two new spectrum analyzers!!

WiPry 340x - Covering frequency ranges 300-348MHz and 387-464MHz
WiPry 790x - Covering the following frequency ranges:
USA (902-928MHz)
China (755-787MHz)
Europe (863-868MHz)
Japan (916-928MHz)
Korea (917-924MHz)
Singapore (866-925MHz)

Additional changes:
Numerous other bug fixes!
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