Zig Zag Hexa Puzzle
Zig Zag Hexa Puzzle
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An immersive game to test your geometric skills and to make you play like a kid. - Apk Zig Zag Hexa Puzzle safely for free!

A little about the app Zig Zag Hexa Puzzle

Zigzag Hexa Puzzle

This immersive puzzle game is going to test Your puzzle skills! Hexagonal pieces arranged in a Zig-zag manner will Challenge the mind's permudation and combination skills as you enjoy like a kid by playing. As the Difficulty levels grow when you complete each level and enter into a new one, You will Enjoy the game with the graphics of pieces, slots and effets. The game is designed to be pleasant to make you to be here everytime whenever you are free to play games!

Let's play this wonderful game?

• There is No time limit to complete a Level.
• It may look like to be so simple in the beginning.
• Arrange pieces to fit them all into slots.
• Rotation of Hexagonal pieces is not possible.
• Use Tips if you have and want to use it.
• IF it is harder than the previous level you will get involved more.
• Challenge the way you think, Finally you will get a Break-Through.
• Reset all Levels If you want to start afresh!
• Sound effects and Background music and many more Reasons to Repeat the PLAY.

• Zigzag Hexa Puzzle is a free to play Game but contains ads like banner, interstitial, video etc.,.
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Zig Zag Hexa Puzzle
Zig Zag Hexa Puzzle