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Air 4 Android
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Air 4 Android - Android System Menu (emulation) for Adobe Flash CS5.5 Air 2.6 up - Apk Air 4 Android safely for free!

A little about the app Air 4 Android

Looking for Adobe Air? The famous and ubiquitous Adobe Air Runtime (25) for Android is still available at in case you cannot access it here on Google's Play Store as newcomer. Thanks! (just install the APK Android Package file on your Android device, go). Please have a look at my '3D Charts' App if you want to experience a modern app which is supporting the latest Android P (Pie 9) security level using Adobe Air. The '3D Charts' app was programmed using an actual version of Adobe's air SDK (software development kit) compiler with the nowadays preferred so called 'captive' integrated Runtime option. No 2 separate downloads necessary any more. All is in 1 app installer file! Cool!

This 'Air 4 Android' app is for Adobe Flash CS5.5 Air 2.6 up developers only!

Please do not download nor rate unless you are a Flash developer.

This app is open source / source for sale and serves as demonstration.

Features: Android System look alike Menu (emulation), Stage orientation landscape and portrait support (with 3D transition), (auto)fits any screen resolution (optimized for 800x480 and up - tablet), force close of app, store user settings as 'SharedObject', info popUp (emulation) ... night (eye and battery friendly) and day mode (black and white)

For further info please contact the developer.
What's new in Air 4 Android?
fixed Air 3.0 compatibility issues (new behavior of mouse events)
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Air 4 Android
Air 4 Android