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Free Blue Light Card LTD Posted in: 2020-11-03
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BLC provides discounts for the UK’s Emergency Services, NHS and Armed Forces. - Apk Blue Light Card safely for free!

A little about the app Blue Light Card

The Blue Light Card app is brought to you by the largest provider of discounts for the UK’s Emergency Services, NHS and Armed Forces.

With thousands of offers already available within this service, this app acts as an ideal way to experience, find, remember those offers that are of particular interest to how and where you shop. We have designed the app so that all offers and features are simply a swipe or a touch away.

There are hundreds of companies ready with offers because of the service you or your family has provided the country. Big brands & local companies provide offers in local stores, online & via gift cards.

The App

You can quickly & easily find everything you want right from the main screen. Time sensitive offers appear at the top, your virtual card and offers near me underneath. Collections of offers are a touch away underneath followed by multiple rows of companies each with offers. Extra features are positioned at the bottom. It is both visually stunning and beautifully simple.


- Search - all search features are now in a single screen. We have a new 'Search by Phrase' option, 'Companies' showing an alphabetically ordered list with quick filter and 'Search by Category' which helps you find companies and offers grouped together.
- Near Me - we have made this even easier, which is hard as it is one of the most used features. There was always a list view, but it was hard to spot - so we made it really easy.
- Favourites - now much easier to use and simple to understand, you can even change their order.
- Offer improvements - we have tweaked how we display each offer, for time limited offers we show an expiry caption that is easy to understand, for all offers we colour code and show the type of offer like High Street & Online. For offers you are likely to use in person we automatically add a quick access to your Virtual Card if you have one.
- Redeeming online offers - we have added a mini-browser with back and forward buttons so you do not accidentally come off the screen entirely (we understand how annoying that can be).
- Blue Light Card - you can get one of these directly inside the app and for members that have one we have a virtual card inside the app.
- Notifications - we will keep you informed of select offers, plus when we need update you about your account.
- Shake - give your phone a shake from the home screen and we give you a random offer.
- Suggestions - we really value your ideas and your help in pointing out issues we may not yet be aware of - so we have added features in the app for you to quickly share them with us. This really is the fastest way to get things fixed or improved.

To qualify you must be:

- Police Force
- Fire Service
- Ambulance Service
- Serving Armed Forces
- HM Prison Service
- Coastguard
- HM Armed Forces Veterans

A full list of eligible services can be found via:

So if you are part of the Blue Light Card Community, download the app and start saving today.

Future Updates

We plan to provide regular app store updates throughout the year that will include support for things Apple might announce, fix problems you might find and add features we have already planned and hopefully ones you may suggest.

So please help us to continue improving our app and use the problems feature in the app or email us

Leave a Review

If you love what we have achieved, then please take a moment to write a review, if something doesn’t work correctly let us know directly and you can be assured it will be fixed very quickly and in your hands.

Blue Light Card, Savings for Life Savers.
What's new in Blue Light Card?
We have completely redesigned the whole app and introduced a brilliant new look and feel.
- Full support for Dark Mode
- Biometric support for face and touch on supported devices
- Two-factor Authentication support
- Enhanced security
- Search has been further enhanced with more options and combines the map search
- Favourites now shared between devices
- Vault has been improved
- Lots of new ways to explore offers
- News supports more deep-links
- App shortcuts have been added
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Blue Light Card
Blue Light Card