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A little about the app Check Your Hearing

Welcome to the Check Your Hearing app for Android devices,

An application designed to measure the hearing test for pure frequencies, the application is suitable for use by all people, especially for those who suffer from hearing impairment and the elderly, now you can take a primary hearing test and monitor the hearing condition you have at home and through your mobile phone only!

Our application is based on a test called Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA), which is a quick way to measure the strength of hearing in both ears. In just a few minutes, you can test your ability to distinguish different pure frequencies with a specific sound.

We recommend that you conduct a hearing test in a quiet area without interruption, and you will have to perform a hearing test using headphones, and finally we recommend that you conduct the examination for long periods and monitor the differences between the charts and refer to the doctor in case there are significant differences in some frequencies because they indicate a defect.

The test is based on finding the so-called auditory threshold, which is the lowest sound percentage that you can hear at the frequencies listed on the test page for the left ear first and then the right ear, and after the examination is complete, the audiogram will appear, which should be similar to or very close to the actual examination. According to the testimony of many commentators on the application page in the store.

The test may show poor hearing, especially at low or high frequencies, especially in the elderly, and this is very normal for anyone, which is called presbyopia, as the nerve cells in the hearing nerve also age with age, the normal hearing of a person is often very strong between the frequencies 250 to 6000, the level of speech heard by the human ear.

You should know that this test was done with the help of an audiologist and does not involve any risks and is a quick way to measure your hearing, and we do not recommend relying solely on the results of this test as a substitute for a visit to an otolaryngologist. If you think you may have impaired or lost hearing, we recommend that you consult a hearing care professional for a more comprehensive examination.

We hope you have a healthy time with our application, Check Your Hearing, and you are welcome.
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Check Your Hearing
Check Your Hearing