CloudWeb - File & Web Server
CloudWeb - File & Web Server
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Free CloudView NMS Posted in: 2020-11-03
Screenshots - CloudWeb - File & Web Server Screenshots - CloudWeb - File & Web Server Screenshots - CloudWeb - File & Web Server Screenshots - CloudWeb - File & Web Server Screenshots - CloudWeb - File & Web Server Screenshots - CloudWeb - File & Web Server

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Easy & Secure file/web server for your phone/tablet. Access files without cable - Apk CloudWeb - File & Web Server safely for free!

A little about the app CloudWeb - File & Web Server

CloudWeb is a convenient Web Server and File Server which can run on practically any Android device. It allows to securely share/manage files, images, videos... over Internet connection (WiFi), so there is no need for cables. It can be used in home, corporate and enterprise networks allowing multiple remote users to securely upload / download files to / from your Android device. Use ANY Web Browser from ANY remote system (PC, tablet, phone...) to connect to the server and transfer files. Both HTTP & HTTPS are supported.

If you use this app in conjunction with our other free app CloudViewNMS Agent, you can also see/monitor precise geographic location and receive e-mail alerts when your team/family members go beyond predefined geographic area (Geo-fencing). You can remotely turn on Android camera, download and watch the recorded video, which turns your android device into wireless IP camera.
- HTTPS over TLS / SSL security standards supported
- Configurable multiple user profiles with different set of privileges.
- Security of the password system corresponds to the industry requirements and FIPS.
- Unlimited number of simultaneous connections.
- Allows both remote download files from and upload files to your android device.
- Events Log collecting all the remote users actions.
- Configurable capability running web server as Android Service which starts automatically when device boots.

The latest CloudWeb Server version can work in conjunction with our other free app CloudViewNMS Agent. When you run CloudWeb Server on one Android device and multiple CloudViewNMS agents on other Android devices, the functions include:
- View current geographic location of your team/family members devices on a map.
- Geo-fencing: receive alarms/e-mail alerts when a team/family member moves beyond some predefined area. For example, this feature allows you always know where your kids are.
- Capability to remotely download/upload/delete file(s) on all connected phones/tablets in a couple of clicks.
- Capability of remotely turning on Android camera, downloading and watching the recorded video. No local interaction of the phone/tablet holder is required, so this feature turns your Android into wireless Web Camera. The video can be watched remotely from any desktop browser.
- When started in background, the Agent App keeps low profile with no visible messages. This was a request from some our customers. Remember it is YOUR responsibility not to use this app for illegal spying. We assume legal goals, e.g. an employer monitoring company owned devices or a parent monitoring his kids.
- Support for Android phones/tablets "paired" with "SensorTag TI" (Texas Instruments SimpleLink Bluetooth® Smart SensorTag Bluetooth Low Energy) and PebbleBee Bluetooth Low Energy devices.
- Support for iBeacon devices (up/down/"show distance" )

All the configuration and monitoring interface can be accessed when you connect with any Web Browser to the server. HTML-5 Web App (WebSockets/AJAX/Comet) scripting technology is used to provide "windows-like" configuration GUI inside web browser window. All modern browsers (including mobile devices running on Android and IOS) are supported. I use the same technology to provide remote access to our network management/monitoring system CloudView NMS.

Visit for more details.

Please e-mail me if there are any bugs of feature requests.
What's new in CloudWeb - File & Web Server?
Added additional Web GUI for Bluetooth devices discovered by CloudViewNMS Android Agent 1.11.
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CloudWeb - File & Web Server
CloudWeb - File & Web Server