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DICCI are authorized to train, commission, certify, license and deploy Chaplains - Apk DICCI-CORPS safely for free!

A little about the app DICCI-CORPS

Divine Institute Chaplaincy Corps International Incorporation (DICCI) and Divine Chaplaincy International (DCI) are duly registered in South Africa,Nigeria,Ghana,Dubai,Canada,USA,UK and other nations. We are authorized to train, commission, certify, license and deploy Chaplains whether at professional or volunteer levels.DICCI operations are somewhat military and it cuts across military, Para-military, government, public and private establishments. Also we reach out to prisons, orphanages, hospitals and citadels of learning just to mention a few. Our area of interest also extends to conflict de-escalation, rescue missions, peace-keeping, and as Chaplains we are licensed First-aiders.

DICCI (Divine Institue and Chaplaincy Corps int'l) has commissioned over 18,000 chaplains over one &half decade within Africa ,Europe, Asia..middle East.Canada and USA. DICCI-UCSNY has both gained Chaplaincy affiliation in Five best universities around the world.

Our Aim and Objectives

*To train gospel ministers and senior church workers as Chaplains
*To assist the Police in crime prevention
*To promote crime awareness campaign
*To help accident victims
*To assist in combating adulteration of drugs etc
*To give spiritual, socio-physical assistance to the sick, war victims, widows, the less privileged, the motherless, and the orphans.
For this reason we organize a programme called “don’t let them cry”. We organize lectures, seminar, conferences, and training which bring enlightenment to the public. We also conduct counseling, fellowship service, prayer meetings for corporate and private organizations, hospitals missions to encourage the recovery of the sick and much more.
What's new in DICCI-CORPS?
DICCI 1.1 - This is the second release/version of DICCI-CORPS Mobile Application.It promises to redefine Chaplains online activities such as the free bible school World-Wide and is compatible with varieties of Screen sizes on an android device. Chaplaincy - Supporting Law Enforcement Agencies.
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