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Employee communication tool and internal network for the entire workforce. - Apk - Secure employee communication safely for free!

A little about the app - Secure employee communication is an effective employee communication tool to connect your entire workforce, including non-desk employees, over a powerful office network app that enables real-time communication and collaboration via alerts, broadcasts, chats, file exchanges and more. supports instant messaging without the need for a corporate email address, enabling you to loop in every employee, from leadership to the frontline.

This office communicator drives effective team communication with strong collaboration capabilities and support for multiple communication formats including chat and feed. The group communication app also comes with built-in engagement tools that help you run surveys, polls, idea challenges and more out-of-the-box. also helps you gain visibility into each employee's workday and track work progress. You can also use centralized admin controls to customize group communication channels, team communication permissions, access permissions, design workflows and keep company data secure.’s open architecture lets you integrate your existing apps and systems into a unified internal network. This corporate communication app can be customized using pre-built, embeddable solutions and supports any number of users and apps.

So what makes an exceptional employee experience and business communication tool?

Employee Communication: enables efficient enterprise-wide communication and team communication. You can broadcast information top down, send targeted messages to groups, or chat one-to-one, across channels and devices. You can make sure that everyone gets the message with digital read receipts, making mass communication efficient. Internal networking is made more effective with the special features of this team building app such as real-time broadcasts, activity feed, peer-to-peer chat, group chat, feed groups, critical communications, file exchange and analytics.

Micro Apps provides single-point access to all enterprise systems and work-apps with micro-apps. Tailor the app experience by employee role or function using lightweight micro apps that provide just-right access and information that employees need to do their best work. Micro-apps support system-agnostic integration and instant deployment.

Bots & Automations’s AI powered bots use messaging to “talk” to people and then carry out automated tasks. Bots virtual assistants can eliminate routine administrative tasks to give you and your employees more time for more valuable work.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more productive employees. Increase employee engagement and retention with initiatives such as employee recognition, surveys, polls, ideabox, marketplace, recognition and more.

Task Manager

Easily assign tasks, track work progress and gain visibility into each employee’s workday with the feature rich and intuitive task manager. Some of the features of the task manager are: selective assignment, priority setting, progress tracking, checklists, file uploads, deadlines, repeating tasks, task comments, notifications.

Secure Platform comes with 256-bit AES encryption and also supports single sign-on to ensure that company data stays secure. also allows you to set up centralized admin controls for communication types, access permissions and tailored workflows to meet your organization’s needs.
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We constantly update our app with new features based on customer requests. This version includes minor defect fixes and performance improvements.
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