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Build your Kingdom, gather your units & complete epic puzzles!

Epic puzzle strategy game! Build your Kingdom, gather your followers and lead them to victory through wacky puzzles!

You are the newest god in the Pantheon and it’s time for you to make your mark by leading the greatest and craziest collection of followers the ancient world has ever seen!

Fling your followers into a world of outrageous trials and deadly pitfalls as you try to navigate mind-bending puzzles!

Lead a wide range of zany Units with diverse abilities:

⚔️ Zealous Warriors
⚡ Speedy Runners
🛡️ Stout Shieldbearers
⚒️ Crafty Builders

You have the power to find the most clever solutions to the wackiest of challenges!

Use your powers and abilities to give your Units special boosts to battle through their trials and destroy any obstacle in their path! Speed, Lightening, Tornados, Fire; the power is literally at your fingertips!

Your followers are loyal, lovable and laughable! Watch them meet one hilarious demise after another as they clash with traps, cannons, pitfalls and even sharks! But don’t worry, they will bounce right back and start all over again!

The more Devotion you receive from your followers the faster you will collect new followers over time! Their Faith in you gives you the power to use Magic Spells to aid them in their challenges.

Complete Quests to gain chests and other rewards as you strive to become the greatest being of all time!

Discover enchanted isles with new challenges and deadly puzzles. Meet new gods along the way and ascend from myth to legend!

Unlock chests with each new victory and collect rewards to upgrade your followers, expand your kingdom and grow your power!

Take your place among the clouds and make your followers proud!

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Updated in 2021-07-30
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Content Rating Teen
Violence, Blood
Offered By Pump Action Games, Inc
Halfwit Heroes
Pump Action Games, Inc
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