Harmony (By HPS Wellness)
Harmony (By HPS Wellness)
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Free apk Harmony (By HPS Wellness) download

Your personalized health GPS to help you reach your health goals. - Apk Harmony (By HPS Wellness) safely for free!

A little about the app Harmony (By HPS Wellness)

Designed for your employee’s wellness, Harmony helps you to live a young and healthy life.

Harmony works as your personalized Wellness Coach and maps your employee’s current health status based on their nature (individual Ayurvedic Prakruti), their nurture (upbringing, environment, hereditary traits, etc.) and free will (the choices they have made so far in lifestyle, diet, exercise, etc.). It then inspires all the employees to make healthier choices for better health, which results in better productivity.

Top Features

• HPS Suraksha – The body can be at threat from various infections. And hence, a strong immunity becomes a must. Well, this is the module that will help you build your immunity

• Comprehensive Wellness Report – A comprehensive report of overall health with a Wellness Score. You will be able to know your Prakruti, Personality Characteristics, Daily Calorie Intake and BMI

• Recommendations – The App gives simple steps to follow which eventually brings greater changes in Wellness Score

• Stitch in Time – Easy to follow home-based recommendations for minor health issues. This feature of Harmony App will suggest Home Remedies, Acupressure, Therapeutic Yoga and Therapeutic Exercises for overall health enhancement

• Habit builder – Build great and easy habits with Harmony. Starting with including small changes to the daily routine. Then slowly and steadily move towards bigger changes. There’s no hurry here!

• Calorie Tracker – The calories are being counted, ensuring there is proper control in food intake! Stay informed for better health

• Ayurveda - This treasure trove of knowledge and remedies will help the employees lead the perfect healthy lifestyle. Harmony will provide selective tips and suggestions customized for you

• Yoga - Yoga can be of immense help in achieving the Harmony of body, mind and soul. Learn yoga asanas that are befitting for your body type through videos by yoga experts

• Exercise - Discover different types of exercises, the right way of doing them, the right time and duration. Get the best results by learning it the right way

• Acupressure - Learn simple acupressure techniques. Practice at home to balance your vital energy, reduce and relieve pain and boost immunity

How will you achieve an improved performance of the organization?

The process is divided into 4 steps :

1. Know Your #WellnessScore
Does your employee know his position on the scale of Wellness? Make them go through the comprehensive Harmony Health Assessment to understand the #WellnessScore

2. Understand Recommendations
The App immediately gives personalized health recommendations based on responses to the Assessment. The App reveals Prakruti and Personality characteristics and also gives an insight into the daily water intake, BMI, Speed of eating and other factors

3. Wellness Coach 24X7
Remember we said that Harmony is with your organization all the way! The Recommendations module quickly gives an idea of some simple changes which one should make to improve health and be consistent in the path. Some of the other important modules are Yoga, Acupressure, Exercises and Diet

4. Track progress
Track your employee’s progress with various parameters, retake the Health Assessment, and see the change that has taken place

5. PAT - Physical Activity Test (PAT) module helps to understand an employee's physical wellness level

6. MAT - Are you swift in reflexes? How fast can you think? Well, Mental Alertness Test (MAT) module will help you here. It helps your employees understand their current position and then helps them improve their #WellnessScore

So, start your Wellness Journey today! Take small steps every day for living a young and healthy life
What's new in Harmony (By HPS Wellness)?
- Ability to upload and share images on the Daily Challenge
- Now you can also receive password reset OTP on your email
- Few bug fixes
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Harmony (By HPS Wellness)
Harmony (By HPS Wellness)