Hedgehog Life
Hedgehog Life
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Hedgehog game App. Relax with your lovely hedgehog! - Apk Hedgehog Life safely for free!

A little about the app Hedgehog Life

It is a game to enjoy life with a hedgehog!

Main functions
- The hedgehog is free to move around.
- When you touch the hedgehog, you will get a heart.
- Touching it several times may show a tummy.
- Touch the ground and a hedgehog will run up.
- Hedgehog's stomach will become hungry as time passes.
- You can feed your favorite foods such as apples and broccoli.
- You can give your hedgehog any name you like.
- You can take a picture of hedgehog.
- Every time you log in, a gift box will appear and you can get coins.
- By collecting coins, you can attach items such as a hat to a hedgehog.

BGM & Sound Effects by OtoLogic
What's new in Hedgehog Life?
- New hats and floor patterns have been added.
- You can now display video ads multiple times.
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6.0 and up
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Hedgehog Life
Hedgehog Life