ITC Box 2
ITC Box 2
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Free Spain Paranormal Posted in: 2020-10-09
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ITC Box 2 by Spain Paranormal. - Apk ITC Box 2 safely for free!

A little about the app ITC Box 2

ITC Box 2 by Spain Paranormal.
This is the the second app in the ITC series of ghost boxes.
Now it have 3 in 1 all in the same app, and you can use it in any combination.
Ghost Box A (blue equalizer) is the classic ITC Box 1 set of banks. Ghost Box B (green equalizer) is based in reversed Hebrew, Latin, Greek and Sanskrit languages and only male voices. Ghost Box C is Spanish and English reversed and only female and child.
Choose any of the three Boxes, two of them or all at the same time if you want more randomness.
Adjust Scanning process with trigger slider.
Adjust echo with bottom slider.
No one can guarantee spiritual communication, our work is based on our own theories and experiences.
With our apps you could open doors to other dimension. Talk with spirits is a serious thing and is not free of danger. Take in mind it can affect you in many ways and it could change your life. Spain Paranormal is not responsible of any effect (good or bad) for using it if you have success and contact "them". Dont use our apps like a toy, because this tools are made for serious investigators that know well the risks of paranormal.
What's new in ITC Box 2?
2.0 Launch version.
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ITC Box 2
ITC Box 2