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Japan me comes with a map to easily guide you in your adventure

Japan me “Learn more about Japan!”
What do you want to know about Japan? The Japanese culture, the go-to places, the best restaurants, discount info, events?
Have it all with "Japan me"!
Japan me comes with a map to easily guide you in your adventure
and a translation tool that lets you communicate without knowing a word of Japanese!
To top it all, our Japanese editorial staff is constantly updating the app with new
sightseeing information and restaurants that only Japanese people know.
An all-purpose app with posting function that allows users to share information.

◎Japan me at a glance
・ Articles are updated constantly, and the latest information is readily available.
・ Full of information such as festivals and special topics
・ Introduction of Japanese garden and culture
・ Interesting sightseeing spots in Japan updated one after another
・ Our editorial staff introduces the latest delicious shops and interesting places on the blog
・ Save the article in your favorites for later referencing
・ Information on cherry blossom viewing and event information!
・ Easy conversation with the voice translation function!
・Post wonderful spots and gourmet photos and get likes from all over the world!
・Interact with Japanese people in the app!

◎ I should use this app, if...
・ I am about to travel to Japan and want to get sightseeing, accommodation , local gourmet information
・ I am looking for date spots or the latest events for the next date
・ I am looking for a restaurant
・ I want to know information that matches the season, such as hot springs and beaches
・ I want to go to a theme park, amusement park, and drive with my family
・ I want to find photogenic and instagram cafes, sweets, and gourmet information
・ I want to share sightseeing information with friends

◎ Function list

・ List of articles: Know everything about Japan
- New information is updated from mania information to seasonal event introductions, sales, flowering , and transportation (train, subway, car (car rental)) information!
- Introduction to proverbs or special reports by our staff blogs!

・ Search function: Easy to use and complete search
- Culture, landscape, season, night view, historic site, superb view, hot spring, public bath, festival, fireworks, sea, amusement park by prefecture
- Go to a gourmet restaurant or shop with the search function !
- Easily find information in rich categories!

・ Bookmark function: Prepare your travel!
- “I found a place I was interested in from the daily updated articles, but I can't find it anymore...”
Put together your perfect Japan by using the bookmark function so that it never happens!
- You can enjoy Japan more with local information!

Posting function: Sharing information with acquaintances and others
- Take photos on the road and share them with everyone! You may get lots of “Like”!
- Let's share information with friends who have traveled to the same place!

・ Translation function: Help I need somebody…
- Communication with Japanese people in Japanese might not be easy but we've got your back!
Let's feel free to talk using the translation function!

・ Map function: Go where you want to go
What delicious restaurants are around me? Where are the interesting spots?
Launch the map and start a new journey! !

◎ Inquiries
Based on your opinions, we will make japan me a better app.
If you have any requests, questions or problems, please contact us at the email address below.
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