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Free Maya MD, Inc Posted in: 2020-11-16
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MayaMD provides you with better health insight about your symptoms & condition. - Apk MayaMD safely for free!

A little about the app MayaMD

MayaMD is a powerful symptom checker and virtual health assistant powered with AI to provide you with an unmatched level of healthcare data and insight. MayaMD can process any number and combinations of symptoms, physical signs, labs, medications, and past medical history and generate a clinician-level patient note and decision-support for you and your clinician. Unlike other slower symptom checkers, MayaMD uses AI and critical-thinking strategies of top physicians to provide meaningful insight in less than 90 seconds. It is one of the fastest and most effective health assistants available.

MayaMD empowers and helps you to connect and partner with your clinician allowing for a better and more productive healthcare experience. It is one of the few diagnosis support engines developed for use by clinicians, medical students, and patients.

Sadly, in the US alone, a person dies every 9 minutes as a result of diagnostic error or delay. No matter how knowledgeable and skilled your clinician is at making a diagnosis, it will be impossible for them to avoid making a diagnosis mistake due to human cognitive error at some point in their career. They are only human. Studies have also found that every patient will experience diagnosis error at some point in their life.

We believe the solution is to empower you, the patient, with the most advanced and sophisticated healthcare tools to better collaborate with your clinician and reduce the likelihood of diagnostic error. Let MayaMD help you.

Download MayaMD and start experiencing a whole new level of healthcare. Document your symptoms, store your health information, connect to your provider or one of our 2 million+ physicians, and improve your health today.
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