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Mazement is the best ball rolling game with a story! - Apk Mazement Free safely for free!

A little about the app Mazement Free

Mazement is a ball rolling game that combines an epic fantasy story with the traditional wooden labyrinth and platformer games. This free version of Mazement contains three levels and one boss fight. You will also have the chance to try out the Big Jump and Fireball power-ups. If you enjoy playing through this free version be sure to get the premium version for more different and awesome Mazement gameplay!

Mazement has a great 3D graphical look, interesting physics and a destructible environment. You control the tilt of the playing field to guide the ball safely through increasingly difficult 3D levels, filled with challenging mazes, traps and enemies.

The free verison features
* 3 Levels filled with puzzles, dangers and excitement
* One boss level
* Jump high with the Big Jump power-up
* Great 3D graphics, physics and destructible 3D world
* Epic storyline with beautiful illustrations
* Control the game accurately with the accelerometer or with virtual joystick

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2.3 and up
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Mazement Free
Mazement Free