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Matter things, MO Messager - Apk MO Messager safely for free!

A little about the app MO Messager

MO Messager app is a private and safe chat software for acquaintances and friends. It provides an efficient, convenient, private and safe way of communication, so that you can communicate with the people you care about more efficiently and safely.
When you talk to important people about important things, use MO Messager.
======MO Messager characteristic function======
1.Message encryption: chat message end-to-end encryption, message channel encryption, database file encryption, to prevent malicious cracking or tampering.
2.Messages can be recalled within 24 hours: messages sent can be freely recalled within 24 hours.
3.Screen capture notice: chat with friends or group chat. If someone takes a screen shot, the system will inform someone that the screen has been taken.
4.Timing cleaning: after the timing cleaning message is turned on, the read message can automatically disappear according to the selected time to prevent redundant messages.
5.Secret friend: you can set a friend as a secret friend. After setting, the friend will disappear from the message list and address book list, making it more private.
6.Application lock: after setting the application lock password, each time you start the app, you must input the password to unlock it, so as to avoid being easily viewed by the chat content.
7.Important things: you can long press messages to mark them as important things, which is convenient to view and handle at any time.
8.Do not obtain address book permission: do not match user address book information, protect user address book privacy.
9.Voice support 180 seconds: send voice support up to 180 seconds, don't worry about endless words.
10.Voice + text: sending voice can be replayed and repeated listening, and voice + translated text can be selected to send together, so that the receiver can directly view the voice.
11.Message reference reply: for text messages, you can press the reference reply for a long time to avoid message redundancy. You don't know which message the reply is.
12.Group leader can withdraw group message: group leader can withdraw any message sent by any group member to avoid being disturbed by advertisement.
13.Group member protection mode: set the protection mode of group members. Group members are not friends and can not view each other's information, so as to avoid group members being added as friends maliciously.
14.Forbidden words of all group members: after the group members are forbidden, only the group leader can speak, which is helpful to inform relevant matters or training propaganda, and avoid being swiped on the screen.
15.Group message can be set to the top: the group owner can set the top group message, which is convenient for group members to view important messages, and can directly quote and reply.
16.Group member status: group leader and group administrator can view inactive group members and retired group members.
What's new in MO Messager?
1. Two new members of VIP special right family: colorful bubble and personality background. Become a VIP experience new feature right now!
2. Add [Message Center] entry in the upper right corner of the Wallet homepage. Important notices related to change will be displayed here;
3. Fixes several bugs and optimizes user experience;
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