Premium Bonds Checker Plus
Premium Bonds Checker Plus
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Screenshots - Premium Bonds Checker Plus Screenshots - Premium Bonds Checker Plus Screenshots - Premium Bonds Checker Plus Screenshots - Premium Bonds Checker Plus Screenshots - Premium Bonds Checker Plus Screenshots - Premium Bonds Checker Plus Screenshots - Premium Bonds Checker Plus

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Premium Bonds Prize Checker, even shows how close they were to winning. - Apk Premium Bonds Checker Plus safely for free!

A little about the app Premium Bonds Checker Plus

Premium Bonds Checker Plus can display the UK National Savings & Investments (NS&I) prize draw wins each month for multiple people, and one years worth of results for free, but it can do more.

It can display all your results back as far as 2011.

It can actually show how close your bonds have been to winning each prize, if you do win a prize it will tell you how close you came to winning another.

It can check if you have any unclaimed prizes by checking your bonds against the NS&I record of unclaimed prizes dating back to 1957, (so far the app has discovered 58 unclaimed prizes for 30 users).

If you have bought your bonds in multiple purchases, you can see how each purchase has fared, keeping track of the number of wins for each.

It will keep track of all winnings, show running totals across the years, calculate your percentage return, and provide you with an annual break down and overall summary.

If you have multiple people setup you can compare results and it will display a collective overall return as well.

As a bit of trivia, it also shows how many Lucky Bonds there are, these are single bond numbers which have won a prize more than once. You might think this doesn't happen much, but it occurs more often than you might think.

The app has no adverts and does not collect any personal information. The extra capabilities cost just 99p for one year's use.

Other apps use your NS&I Holders Number by sending it into the NS&I Websites Online Checker, which returns 6 months worth of results. To be able to provide results back to 2011 along with all the extra capabilities, it needs to know your actual bonds numbers. The app provides an easy way to enter them in though, simply log in to the NS&I website, copy your bonds and paste them straight into the app. Alternatively, if you only have a few bond transactions, you can enter them in manually.

Is it safe to put your bond numbers into an app? Perfectly safe as there is nothing that can actually be done with a bond number, you could make one up if you wanted, or look at the NS&I website and see which number won a million pound prize this month, but you can't actually do anything with it.

The app also has very low bandwidth. Once you have entered in your bond numbers and your initial results are all returned, unless you make any changes, from then on, no further internet access will be initiated until the time of the next draw when the app will check to see if your current results are ready.

Required Permissions
Full Network Access :- To receive draw results.
Google Play Billing and Licensing Service :- To manage subscriptions.

Permissions Required To Receive A New Draw Notifications:-
View Network Connections
Receive Data From Internet
Prevent Phone From Sleeping
Run At Startup

Please note, this is an independent app and is in no way associated with or endorsed by NS&I.
What's new in Premium Bonds Checker Plus?
V1.105 Bug fixes.
V1.104 Internal Improvements. Continuing specific user fix.
V1.102 Fixed specific issue a new user is having.
V1.98 Added a new Win Stats Tab 'Prize Wins'
V1.95 Added optional Biometric Login and a Password Login for devices without Biometric support.
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Premium Bonds Checker Plus
Premium Bonds Checker Plus