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Raw uncensored is a social media phone app for people who want complete control of their content by posting pictures and videos on what they want there followers to see on each post. The app is gear up to artists like Fashion Models, Music Bands, Actors in film and creative people around the world. By having followers and people liking on what is posted, followers can donate money to anyone who they want by just a click. It’s also has a unique platform for live streaming, while the channel is live, followers can donate money live to the account holder. Another unique functionality is posting exclusive pictures and videos for followers to see and receive money from the followers. There are links available when posting pictures and videos for selling items or buying something you like or just receive money from your followers. There’s a sensor for 18 years and younger to be able to see anything exclusive that is posted on each page. Raw uncensored is a secure app and it’s Encrypted so your information is kept only for yourself and no one else. Every money transaction is kept secure because PayPal takes safety percussion in keeping your account safe. Raw uncensored doesn’t have any PayPal accounts because it’s a straight link between PayPal and the account holder.
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