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Anonymously Report Misconduct. One Voice. One Truth. - Apk Tribe safely for free!

A little about the app Tribe

Anonymously file sexual harassment reports to warn others in your area. Get a road map of where it's
 safest to go.

- File a report in minutes

- Fully dynamic reporting system
Search based on zip code

- Request access to view full report
- Help support your community
- Free Anonymous Reporting
Connect with Local Resources
Recent Report Locations
- View Company Reputation

- Inform Others


Open Dialogue

We believe men and women should be able to work together without the fear or stress of being sexually harassed.

To start the conversation, the organizations that care about you and your safety need to understand where, when, and why sexual harassment and
assault prevail. So, let them know on our anonymous reporting platform.

Free Reporting - Always

You make the report. Then, we communicate it to the organization where it occurred.

Schools, businesses, and communities then retrieve the data in real time and are able to implement cost effective solutions to curb sexual

Local Resources

If and when harassment happens, we are here to connect you with the leading resources in your community.

Local resources will be listed based on the zip-code of your profile. These are Tribe Trusted organizations interested in getting you the assistance
you need.

Know Your Culture

Imagine a workplace where men and women work together without
distraction or fear. Imagine the productivity and communication you
could achieve. The Tribe app offers your employees and consumers the
chance to give you an inside look into your organization, in real time.

Collect the Data

Sort through your reports with accurate and detailed data. With
convenient and simple reporting, the Tribe App encourages users to be
specific and provide as much information as they'd like, while it’s fresh
in their mind.

Create Simple Solutions

Take the data of who, when, where to generate cost effective solutions
to curb sexual misconduct. By making sexual harassment reporting
simple, your organization can take small reports to ensure you squash
harassment before it turns into something terrible.
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