WearMail for Android Wear
WearMail for Android Wear
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Screenshots - WearMail for Android Wear Screenshots - WearMail for Android Wear Screenshots - WearMail for Android Wear Screenshots - WearMail for Android Wear Screenshots - WearMail for Android Wear Screenshots - WearMail for Android Wear Screenshots - WearMail for Android Wear Screenshots - WearMail for Android Wear

Free apk WearMail for Android Wear download

Email notifications with commands for Android Wear Smartwatches and Accessories - Apk WearMail for Android Wear safely for free!

A little about the app WearMail for Android Wear

--- Special Note:

Dear Smartwatch User,

We are getting ready to refresh this app most likely with an emphasis on filtered notifications that support different behaviours on the watch. For example, "Play a custom sound and vibration on the watch if the subject contains meeting." 2 main points of emphasis: 1. Reduce the amount of notifications going to the watch 2. Ability to know who the notification came from or what it concerns without looking at the watch.

I am a little out of touch with what is happening wear wise and would be VERY grateful for any feedback regarding what features you are looking for in the app. Also, if you get a chance to install the current app, please let me know what you would improve about it.

UPDATE: We have purchased a Tic-Watch-Pro for developing the new version of the app...We would be grateful for MORE feedback on the feature set. Thanks to everyone that has already contacted us!

Kind Regards, support@maxlabmobile.com
Aug 2020


Displays email notifications on an Android Wear smartwatch or accessory.

The email notifications contain smart commands such as 'quick reply', delete email' and 'archive' that are designed to facilitate ultra-quick processing of email on Android Wear smartwatches and accessories.

WearMail works with nearly all email accounts by supporting the following protocols: IMAP, IMAP-IDLE (Push Mail), POP3 & Exchange via EWS or IMAP.

WearMail is a standalone app that works in conjunction with *any* email app.

 • Display sender, subject and email body
 • Choose the number of watch commands and the order of the commands
 • Choose a command to run when the notification is dismissed [Typically: 'Mark as Read' or 'Archive']
 • Ability to open the email directly on the phone [Use 'Simple Viewer' as your email app]
 • Reply to emails via voice or preset responses
 • Select or create your own vibration pattern
 • Option to display email notifications on the watch only
 • Customise notification background

Watch App Features: [New 2.25]
 • Disable or enable notifications
 • Snooze notifications
 • Force an immediate check for mail
 • Redeliver recent notifications

 • Open: Opens the email app inbox on the phone from the Android Wear watch
 • Delete Message: Deletes the email message from the mail server
 • Mark as Read: Marks the message as read on the mail server
 • Mark as High Priority: Marks the message as high priority on the mail server
 • Archive: Moves the message to the designated folder on the mail server
 • Quick Reply: Issue a reply from the Android Wear watch

Good to know:
 • Watches Supported: LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear Live, Asus Zen Watch, Huawei Watch, Moto 360, LG Watch Urbane, Sony Smartwatch 3, and more
 • App tested on Samsung Gear Live

No Notifications [Or commands]
 • GooglePlay services version on the watch and phone must match
 • If the versions do not match, do a "resync apps" in the Android Wear app
 • Wait about 5 minutes and check the version numbers again

Wear 2.0:
 • Join the beta test group to receive the 2.0 version of the watch app: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxlabmobile.wearmail.androidwear

WearMail should facilitate ultra quick processing of mail. If there is anything in the day-to-day use of this app that you feel should be streamlined or improved please contact me at the support address: support@maxlabmobile.com
What's new in WearMail for Android Wear?
Removed unused SMS permissions from manifest to comply with GooglePlay policy updates

Fixed: Watch not vibration on new notification
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WearMail for Android Wear
WearMail for Android Wear